This is our story

We believe in transparency and want to support tenants.

Inspired by the constant exchange with her students, Prof. Dr. Scholz initiated a research project on tenancy law problems. For the first time, she had noticed how often foreign students did not get their security deposits back.

The results of the research project suggested that in fact many tenants could be affected. 

From research to practice:

Some time ago, the project was taken up by fellow lecturer and lawyer Sascha Kuron. Further research and interviews confirmed the suspicion that not only students are waiting in vain for the repayment - but people from all social classes.

And so the idea for DepositNow was born to help as many people as possible to get their rights - hopefully soon you too.

Meet the team

Sasha Kuron

Prof. Dr. Lydia Scholz
Off Counsel

Lars Selck


Lisa Marie Hartwig
Research Assistent

Stephen Kuron
IT, Kuron Consulting


Elena Pirondini
Graphic design, no.ja studio

Clara Roth
Web design, no.ja studio

We look forward to helping you!